Cardboard Waste in Chester, Effectively Recycled by a Professional Team

Cardboard Waste in ChesterIt’s likely that you have cardboard waste in Chester at your business. When suppliers send your ordered products to you, many of them are protected with cardboard. This does an excellent job of protecting the product, but does cause a problem with the leftover cardboard. Throwing it away in the bin is not a good idea. It will probably end up in an already over full landfill site. The best way to manage your business’ cardboard waste is to rely on a professional recycling company. We are available to assist you with your recycling needs. Give us a ring and we can discuss your business’ requirements.

As a professional recycling company, we have the experience to assist you with the best option for your business’ waste paper and cardboard. In Chester, cardboard waste can be collected by our team. We will sort it and grade it. Currently, we recycle over 700 tonnes of paper and cardboard supplying paper mills in the Far East, the UK and Europe.  If your business generates large amounts of cardboard waste, we can collect it from you. We can also provide containers in which to store the cardboard until it is time for collection. When we collect the cardboard waste from your premises, we’ll transport it to our recycling facility. We have a fleet of dedicated vehicles to ensure that your cardboard waste collection is both easy and convenient.

Cardboard waste in Chester can be collected by our efficient team. We’re pleased to offer a service that will meet your business’ specific requirements. We know that as each business is different. As such, we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. For more information about how we can assist you with cardboard waste, contact Elsa Recycling today. Moreover, we are also affiliated to the British Security Industry Association, The Road Haulage Association and The Independent Waste Paper Processors Association.  When you use our services for your business’ cardboard waste requirements, you can rest assured that our professionals will provide an expert service.