Plastic Recycling in Pendlesbury, an Important Part of the Recycling Effort

Plastic Recycling in PendleburyDo your bit for the Earth with our expert plastic recycling in Pendlesbury. At Elsa Recycling, we are your partners in ensuring a cleaner and greener planet for all. As an accredited plastic recycling company, we can handle all types of plastic waste. Did you know that our country produces more than three million tonnes of plastic waste? Most of this unfortunately goes into landfills, and the long term effects of this are too frightening to imagine. The simplest and most effective way of tackling the issue is to ensure that whatever plastic already exists is recycled and reused. If your business generates large amounts of plastic, whether hard or soft grade, you can rely on us to handle it.

For our clients in Pendlesbury, plastic recycling facilities that we offer include an excellent collection service. We work with many of the biggest organisations in this region. With the many years of experience we have under our belt, we are able to provide top quality services to our clients. Today, we are also the plastic recycler of choice for several local authorities as well. Our accredited plastic recycling firm works with plastic re-processors in the Far East. These firms operate to standards set by Great Britain. We are able to provide you with a cost-effective recycling service. We are authorised to provide you with a genuine PERN (Packaging Export Recovery Note) that can help you to meet your mandatory recycling obligations.

Plastic recycling in Pendlesbury is no longer a fad or a luxury. It has become a necessity. Contact Elsa Recycling for assistance with plastic recycling. We have the necessary infrastructure and logistics networks to handle all your requirements, no matter how major or minor. You will be astonished to know that there are at least 50 different classifications of plastic and each of these contains many sub-categories. That is why sorting and processing plastic becomes a complex task. Our highly experienced and skilled team does a good job of segregating and classifying the plastics. However, if you are able to do this prior to sending the waste to us, it can give you further savings.