Convenient and Efficient, Material Handling in Salford by the Experts

Material Handling in SalfordFor material handling in Salford that will bring you peace of mind, rely on the experts. If your business produces large amounts of scrap material such a paper, cardboard and plastic, you likely need an effective means for their disposal. Recycling is something all businesses are aware of, but how the recycling is done is, at times, a matter for concern. As a well-established and professional recycling centre, we are pleased to offer our services to all businesses, both large and small. We can assist with a range of different services, all of which can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, to take care of your business’ material handling. Our professional tea can assist with the responsible recycling of any scrap material you need to dispose of.

We are experts in the collection, as well as the sorting and grading of recovered paper. In Salford, material handling is not limited to paper. In fact, both cardboard and plastic waste can be recycled.  Speak to us about your requirements. We can provide a solution that will meet our needs perfectly. If you are having a clear out of archived material that is no longer needed, we can provide a 35 cu yd roll on-off container. Thereafter, we will provide a collection service to remove your old documents from your premises. We also offer baling machines, for both paper and card and plastic waste. A baling machine is a convenient method to deal with large volumes of waste material in a cost-effective way. On top of that, we can also assist with a variety of different sized containers in which to store your waste materials. When the containers are full, we will collect them from you and transport the waste to our shredding facility.

Material handling in Salford is convenient when completed with the assistance of an expert team. If you need expert services for your material handling needs, contact Elsa Recycling today. With our environmental ethics, we take pride in our commitment to the provision of an expert service to all our clients to help them minimise their impact on the environment. We are registered with BSIA as well as The Independent Waste Paper Processors Association. All our work is in accordance with a European Standard for the secure destruction of confidential material.