Recycling Centre in Hyde – Helping Your Business with Recycling

Recycling Centre in HydeOur recycling centre in Hyde wrote the book on recycling. It began over 54 years ago and we continue to grow and innovate. We are very proud of our contribution and that of our customers to reducing society’s carbon footprint. Our company objective is the recycling of cardboard, paper and plastic products. Much of the recycled materials will be used to manufacture new usable products. We practice what we preach by operating our trucks and equipment efficiently with an eye to minimising our own company carbon footprint. We do that without sacrificing the security of the sensitive materials we often handle for clients. We operate to the high standards set forth by the Road Haulage Association, The British Security Industry, and The Independent Waste Paper Processors Association.

Our company is an expert paper and cardboard waste recycler. In Hyde, recycling centre collections must be sorted and graded for the paper mills we supply. We recycle over 700 tonnes each week and some of that is confidential documents containing sensitive information. We have a system in place to collect that paper waste and deposit it directly into our recycler without our hands touching it or our eyes seeing it. It’s all done to British Security Standards. Our system allows our customers to securely transport their paper to us themselves. However our collection service is professional and efficient without interrupting your business day. We can supply any size or type of skip you need for secure collection.

With Elsa Recycling well established and our recycling centre in Hyde humming along, we were ideally positioned to add plastics to our recycling efforts. It became clear to us that the impact of plastic waste was devastating our environment. So we set up a special division and created the infrastructure to handle almost all grades of plastic. We made sure the customer did not have to sort or even clean the plastics. Today we recycle a minimum of 3 million tonnes of plastic that would otherwise go into landfills. Looking for a professional recycling centre? Contact Elsa Recycling today. We have the waste management, handling and recycling solution for your company at our secure state of the art facility. We are authorised to issue your certificates of destruction.