Recycling Centre in Trafford, Helping You Towards a Greener World

Recycling Centre in TraffordFor a recycling centre in Trafford, our recycling of cardboard, paper, and plastic is the most up to date, customer friendly and long established centre in the area. We’re a leader in the field of material handling of paper and plastic products. We supply 35 cubic yard roll off containers, as well as a range of sizes in other containers to meet your requirements. We can supply our customers with bailing machines for plastic and paper as well. Our recycling centre is state of the art with an impressive paper shredder that can shred more paper in ten minutes than most could handle all day. We have a secure system in place for the collection and shredding of sensitive documents. You will receive a certificate of disposal for your records. 

Our company is a family run business that has been in business over 50 years. In Trafford, our recycling centre recycles cardboard and paper goods amounting to over 700 tonnes each week. You may be surprised that there are buyers who can utilise that much recycled paper product. We supply mills locally, throughout Europe and even the Far East. All of that paper is put back into circulation as it’s recycled back into new paper products. This process uses far less energy and natural resources than starting with new wood pulp. Products are cheaper to manufacture and that keeps consumer prices down. We make it as easy as possible for you to recycle your paper.

Customers of  our recycling centre in Trafford and the surrounding area know that we will take their plastics for recycling. The last time we checked, the UK was generating over 3 million tonnes of plastic waste. We would like to keep as much of that as possible out of the landfills and out of our oceans. Did you know there are whole islands made of plastic in our oceans? We need to increase our plastic recycling thereby decreasing its impact on the environment. Our company is uniquely equipped to provide an efficient plastic recycling program for you. Contact Elsa Recycling for our truly cost effective rates. We are an accredited plastic recycler able to help you meet your recycling commitment.