Use a Professional Company for your Material Handling in Salford

Material Handling in SalfordMaterial handling in Salford of your paper and cardboard waste is made simple by Elsa Recycling. We are definitely experts at this. We have had nearly 55 years in business to learn how to get it right. We’ve actually done very well. Currently, we recycle an average 700 tonnes of paper each week. That’s a lot of material put back into the manufacture of new paper products. It’s a lot of trees saved and a lot of open space left in the landfills. Can you tell that we are very proud of what we do? It’s gratifying to succeed in a business that fills a great need while helping to conserve natural resources. We make it convenient for our customers to recycle their paper and cardboard and waste. It’s all part of the service.

Depending on the volume of waste your company generates, we at Elsa have the ideal solution. We will supply, in Salford, material handling equipment for efficient collection and containment of your recyclable paper. Containers are placed on the premises of your business that are best suited to the amount of waste paper your company accumulates on a regular basis. Our containers will not create an eyesore on your property. All of our equipment and trucks are well maintained. Do you accumulate 10 tonnes of loose paper weekly or monthly. That’s not a problem because we have 35 cubic yard containers that will hold 10 tonnes. You can buy or lease a bailing machine from us if that will better fit your needs. Compactors are helpful on-site for large quantities of paper or cardboard.

For small material handling in Salford, consider our 600LTR, 1000LTR, or 1400LTR bins that securely hold waste paper between scheduled pick-ups. Don’t worry about sorting; we have sorting machines on our vast complex to do the work for us as well as accurate scales. We appreciate your business and we want the process to be effortless. Paper waste goes into our massive shredder for a secure double crosscut that nobody can reassemble. Contact Elsa Recycling to discuss your paper and cardboard material handling needs. Once we put the solution in place at your business location, you can count on our professionalism and reliability.