Recycle Your Cardboard Waste in Bury with the Experts

Cardboard Waste in Bury How are you handling all that cardboard waste in Bury from your online shopping deliveries? At Elsa Recycling, we hope you are recycling it. We are pleased to pick up your cardboard recycling or you can accumulate it and then drop it off at our recycling centre. If your company generates a steady stream of cardboard waste, we can offer you skips or balers. That helps to contain the cardboard waste and free up space. We also don’t want to see it go into a landfill. Cardboard waste is money in your pocket when you recycle with us. We buy it from you and sell it to our contacts who turn it into new paper materials that can be used for manufacturing chipboard or paperboard. At the rate we’re shopping, we wonder at the cardboard box manufacturers ability to keep up with the demand.

Another benefit of cardboard recycling is that we can shred cardboard before selling it just as we do with paper. In Bury, cardboard waste that is shredded can be used as packing material instead of all that plastic bubbles and peanuts that can’t always be recycled. If you have corrugated cardboard waste the buyers of our recycled goods use that to make new cardboard boxes. That’s important because at the rate we’re using boxes and paper we might eventually deforest the planet. Don’t think for a minute that the world is using less paper goods including cardboard. The usage increases year after year. It is a valuable raw material for the manufacture of new paper products.

From time to time you may hear that there is no longer a market for recycled cardboard waste. We have been recycling for over fifty years. Sometimes a door closes temporarily and then reopens again and other times a new door opens. The recycling market is almost always in flux but we still pay solid prices for the recycled cardboard we collect from our customers. Contact Elsa Recycling if you accumulate cardboard waste at home or your place of business. We make it easy for you to collect it and we are pleased to pick it up on a schedule that suits you. Save some trees and put some money in your pocket by recycling cardboard waste. It’s the right thing to do.