For a Professional Cardboard Waste Collection in Trafford, Use the Experts

Cardboard Waste Collection in TraffordCardboard waste collection in Trafford is a service we proudly offer. Our family owned business consists of 3 generations serving our customers over the last 54 years. We manage the material handling needs of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers throughout the Manchester area. However, a new market continues to emerge as more and more people shop online for everything from food and clothing to furniture and appliances. We fear homeowners are sending tonnes of cardboard boxes into landfills every year. They’re just doing it one or two boxes a week. One or two boxes multiplied by all online shoppers creates an impressive stack that could be recycled for the manufacture of other paper products.

We want to encourage the general public to break down and save those boxes for our recyclers to pick up. Or, in Trafford, cardboard waste collection from domestic sources could be dropped off periodically. Another domestic source is those moving house. Once you’ve emptied all those boxes, don’t put them out with the trash. Make sure they get recycled. For wholesalers and retailers, manufacturers and distribution warehouses, we can make recycling your cardboard easy. We can sell or lease a mangler to manage your cardboard. The manglers come with our full service pick up and recycling services. You likely recognise the Elsa logo on our trucks. Hopefully you will come to know us as one of the leading recycling companies determined to minimise the carbon footprint of all who will participate.

Cardboard waste collection in Trafford, along with other paper waste accounts for over 700 tonnes that we recycle each week. We supply paper mills around the world who use these paper products in the production of new paper products. Consider joining us in this endeavour all while managing your own management of cardboard waste. Contact Elsa Recycling and we will determine a cardboard recycling programme for you. Then, you can depend on us to carry out your recycling programme while you concentrate on your business.  We maintain the high standards set by our association with important trade organisations such as The Independent Waste Paper Processors Association and The Road Haulage Association