Cost Effective and Efficient Material Handling in Bury by the Experts

material handling in BuryThe experts to call for material handling in Bury are Elsa Recycling Ltd. During our fifty years in business we have led the industry with innovative solutions for plastic, paper and cardboard waste collection and recycling. The massive plastic and paper accumulations from fast food restaurants are just one example of how we’re able to efficiently and economically move the waste from your work site to our trailers and then directly to our state of the art recycling facility. This is the best way to keep your restaurant clean and sanitary and the paper waste out of site. We have secure containers for the collection of unneeded documents that contain sensitive information. The filled containers go straight from your place of business to our massive shredder and then recycled into new products.

We can equip your business with bailing machines, compactors, a huge range of containers for every need including 35 cubic yards roll off container trucks. In Bury, material handling solutions from Elsa Recycling isn’t limited to just businesses, manufacturers and restaurants. We are the answer to your private or public festivals and fairs. At the other end of the spectrum, we supply secure bags for the transport of paper files from your home office. Between your office and our shredder, the paper goes untouched by human hands. We all want to be good stewards of our environment. At Elsa Recycling we provide you with the tools to manage your material waste in an environmentally friendly way. We are also economically friendly.

On average, material handling in Bury at Elsa Recycling results in minimum 700 tonnes of paper each week. We collect, sort and grade all the paper products. With that, we supply mills at home and abroad. The mills sell the clean recycled paper product to manufacturers who use it to make new paper goods. It’s costs them less to manufacture paper products from recycled paper goods. Therefore, the consumer may pay less at the retailer. Contact Elsa Recycling and let’s talk about your material handling needs. We’ll show you the most cost effective and efficient method for your company to manage its waste paper while protecting our natural resources.