Help our Environment with a Recycling Centre in Trafford Park

recycling centre in Trafford Park An authorised recycling centre in Trafford Park can help you or your business reduce your carbon footprint. We strongly believe in assisting our clients make a difference to the environment. This is why we offer a plastic, paper, and cardboard collection throughout the North West. Every little bit helps, and by using the services of an authorised recycling centre, you can be sure that your paper, plastic and cardboard waste will be properly and effectively recycled.

Our landfill sites are reaching capacity. In Trafford Park, a recycling centre will collect your waste from your premises. Whether it is your home or your business premises, our collection service is offered for your convenience, at a time that is most suitable to. After we have collected your scrap paper, we will sort and grade it. Paper recycling is about recovering waste paper, and then remaking it into new paper products. The same process is followed for cardboard recycling. In the UK, approximately 3 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced. An astounding amount, and unfortunately, a very large portion of it ends up in landfills and the ocean. Our company has established links with plastic re-processors in the Far East. This means that we can provide a cost effective plastic recycling service. As an accredited plastic recycler, we can also supply PERN’s for your business so that you can meet your recycling obligations throughout the year. A PERN is a packaging waste export recovery note which is a tradeable certificate used to record and identify packaging waste materials received for recovery or recycling.

An authorised recycling centre in Trafford Park is in compliance with The British Security Industry Association (BSIA). This means that the sensitive documents that are a part of your paper waste are completely destroyed in our shredding process, ensuring that your business adheres to the BSIA’s regulations as well. If you would like to use the services of a recycling centre to recycle your waste, contact Elsa Recycling today. We will discuss your specific needs and provide a collection service for all the waste paper, cardboard and plastic your home or business generates. Let us help you in helping our environment with recycling.