Recycling Centre in Tameside

Recycling Centre in TamesideWe are your complete recycling centre in Tameside for paper, cardboard and plastic. During our 54 years in business, we’ve learned that recycling needs may vary from company to company. In order to keep our service hassle-free, we undertake a site visit to evaluate your company’s particular needs. There is no obligation for a site visit and while there we will design the perfect recycling solution for you. We own our own fleet of vehicles for collecting your large or small recycling products one-off or regularly scheduled. We operate a massive, state of the art recycling centre where we carry out the shredding of paper and the sorting of cardboard and plastics. Our recycling collection service is designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

If your company promotes strong environmental responsibility, we can help you minimise your impact on the environment. For instance, in Tameside, recycling centre recycles over 700 tonnes of paper each week. Your recycled paper supplies mills at home and abroad with raw materials to manufacture new paper products. These new products cost less to manufacture through the use of recycled materials and use less energy during production. The end-user benefits with a lower purchase price due to the lower production costs. The system applies to the recycling of old cardboard into new cardboard products as well. For ease of collection, we can place skips on your site. If your major source of waste paper contains sensitive information about others, we can place secure bins on-site and transport them to our powerful shredder and recycle the resulting waste paper.

We also recycle plastic at our recycling centre in Tameside, placing skips to make it easy for your company to collect, ready for our collection. There are multiple grades of plastic but you don’t have to worry about sorting it. We have the capability to handle the sorting at our recycling facility. 3 million tonnes of plastic waste each year creates a massive impact on the environment if dumped in landfills. As with paper and cardboard, the plastics you recycle is shipped to our middle east contacts as raw material ready to be used in the manufacture of new products. Contact Elsa Recycling and let us familiarise you further with our multiple recycling services. You’ll find there are benefits that are good for you, the environment and the economy.