Paper Waste Collection in Trafford

Paper Waste Collection in TraffordFor professional and environmentally friendly paper waste collection in Trafford, you will not find a better company than Elsa Recycling Ltd. As a company that specialises in quick and confidential collection of paper products, we are always pleased to chat with new clients and explain how the process goes. In today’s world, it’s becoming a must to recycle all paper products to reduce the wastage of reusable items that are often sent to landfills. If your company or home generates a lot of paper products, we will be happy to take them off your hands and bring them back to our recycling facility. 

For companies that deal with confidential information, rest assured that we can provide you with security consoles that you can fill with papers, and then we will lock the consoles until we have reached the industrial shredder in our facility. In Trafford, paper waste collection is a positive step to protecting the environment when you get in touch with us. You can be more responsible towards the environment, and make sure that the papers generated by your firm are reused once they have served their purpose. Whether you are spring cleaning, or you are digitalising all your information, we have a whole system available to assist you with paper waste collection. At Elsa Recycling Ltd, we have industrial equipment set in place and can work with both small and bulk collections, and the papers collected will be repurposed into tissue and various paper products. By recycling about one tonne of paper, about 17 trees can be saved, two square metre of landfill space and 7000 gallons of water!

With very strong environmental ethics, we are committed to providing our clients with an outstanding paper waste collection in Trafford. We have been in the industry for more than 54 years, with three generations having served the North West by helping customers effectively dispose of their paper wastes. For more details about our paper waste collection, contact Elsa Recycling Ltd. We can also assist by providing tailored solutions, especially to clients with the need for a regular collection.