Material Handling in Warrington

Material Handling in WarringtonMaterial handling in Warrington is best carried out by our company, Elsa Recycling. The reason is our history of effective solutions dating back over fifty years. We have sustained and maintained through many technological changes and the way people do business. Elsa Recycling continues to invest in new technology and seek out more solutions to manage the paper and cardboard materials in an environmentally safe and cost-effective way. Computerisation did not eliminate the need for paper as we once thought it would but it has changed how we do business. They have enabled us to do a lot more business creating even more paper. Currently, we recycle over 700 tonnes of paper each week by supplying paper mills near and far.

Without recycling of paper products, it would be tough to meet the market demands for paper. In Warrington, material handling means a significant amount of new paper products are produced without cutting a tree. Today’s electronic environment has become a hazard to personal information. Old documents can’t be thrown in a dumpster when no longer needed. We have developed a sister company that places secure collection bins on your site for the disposal of sensitive documents. We have other bins we can place on your site for all the other paper that does not contain sensitive information. When they are full, we pick them up and transport them to our recycling facility where, without handling by human hands, the paper is disposed of in our huge shredder and shredded.

For paper and cardboard waste material handling in Warrington, we have a solution for non-sensitive products. We have various sized containers we can place on site for collecting paper products up to a size that will hold 10 tonnes. When it’s full, we pick it up. Contact us for solutions to your paper material handling needs. It’s common for companies to utilise two or more solutions for material handling. We have a system in place for sensitive documents, waste paper disposal and cardboard waste management. We can help your company comply with current privacy laws by providing a certificate of destruction for all sensitive documents shredded. Let your clients know how you manage their sensitive information. They will appreciate your efforts on behalf of their security and admire your environmental responsibility.