Recycling Centre in Deeside

Recycling Centre in DeesideA recycling centre in Deeside, Elsa Recycling, is the company you want because they take the hassle out of recycling. We know some people have given up on recycling at the domestic level because their recycler wants all materials separated. They want aluminium in one container, plastics in another, paper in another and glass in another. Some even expect plastics separated by grade and paper products by type. It’s difficult to get residents in a block of flats or even individual homeowners to do that much work consistently. Everybody wants to save the planet but they don’t want to turn their mud room into a recycling centre. Some start-up recycling companies fold because they want the customer to do their sorting for them instead of doing it themselves.

At Elsa Recycling, we’ve been in the business for over 50 years and as we’ve grown we’ve fine-tuned the process. For businesses, manufacturers and individuals in Deeside, recycling centre Elsa Recycling is our family business. We collect the recyclables or they are brought to us at our huge purpose built centre. As with any business, we are heavily invested in equipment and current technology to clean, sort, sometimes shred and prepare our marketable products for sale. We don’t expect our customers to do our work for us. We sell to companies who reduce the recycled material to raw materials. Manufacturers buy the raw materials to make new products from old for less. The cycle saves the consumer money on new products and keeps billions of tons of recyclable waste out of our landfills.

As with any business, we believe in customer service at our recycling centre in Deeside. So we provide bins to homeowners, skips for flats and manufacturers. Our trucks pick up on whatever schedule is suitable for the customer. We then transfer the cardboard, paper and plastics to our state of the art recycling centre. We create an audit trail as we go should anyone have questions about the end result. Contact Elsa Recycling to discuss any recycling services you need. When it’s sensitive documents, we have secure bins for collecting and secure trucks for transporting to our massive shredder without direct handling. Just to make sure, our facility has tight security and video surveillance. Our business is saving our natural resources so join us in minimising our collective carbon footprint