Plastic Recycling in Bury

Plastic Recycling in BuryPlastic recycling in Bury and around the globe is more important than it’s ever been. Yet, while once in a while you see demonstrators concerned about the environment, most have moved on to other social and environmental issues. Elsa Recycling has been in this business for 50 years and we want to emphasize this is no time to slack off. “Upcycle” is the magic word because all over the world discarded plastic water bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles and other grades of plastic are being turned into better products. We collect your plastic for recycling. You don’t have to separate it by grade; we do that at our state-of-the-art recycling centre. We sort it, clean it and ready it for the manufacturers to use for making new products.

We are fortunate to be part of this cycle of recycling because we get to hear wonderful stories from all over the world. For most of our customers in Bury, plastic recycling is not given a lot of afterthought once the plastic bottle hits the recycling bin.  In a small farming community a group of girl scouts collected enough plastic caps in one year to have a park bench made which the girls donated to their school playground. We heard of another company that collects the plastics from our oceans and uses it to make sunglasses. Manufacturers are making a pair of shoes using 17 plastic bottles and a travel bag from 16 bottles. Yarn made from recycled plastic is used to make soccer uniforms and there is a company that makes wonderful safe toys completely from recycled milk jugs. That is just a few of thousands of examples of what regular people are doing to clean up our environment.

Because of these and thousands of other stories, plastic recycling in Bury is more important than ever because every day we learn to manufacture new products from the recycled material. Billions of pounds of plastic are not in our landfills; they’re in our closets, desks, sports lockers and the park bench we’re sitting on. Contact Elsa Recycling and recommit to the recycling of plastic. Celebrate the ingenuity of individuals and companies all over the world who challenged an overwhelming threat and beat it at its own game.