Plastic Recycling in St Helens

Plastic Recycling in St HelensPlastic recycling in St Helens is one of the most contentious topics right now. The seas are being heavily polluted by all types of plastic waste which is a pity when much of the material can be recycled. The UK currently produces around 3 million tonnes of plastic waste most of which end up in a landfill site. The only way to stop the landfill sites from being smothered in plastic is to recycle it.  For over a decade we have been recycling plastic and have built a logistics network and infrastructure to handle all types of plastic waste. We have established ourselves in the Far East by forging links with plastic re-processors so that we can provide a cost effective plastic recycling service.

There are many countries that are looking for reusable plastic waste. In St Helens, plastic recycling will cut your costs and lower your carbon footprint. We handle most grades of soft and hard plastic, contaminated and uncontaminated plastic and we will arrange convenient collections for you. Whatever your plastic waste we can handle it and our expertise ranges from small scale mixed plastics to fully baled industrial plastics. We handle everything from collection to sorting and work with our customers to ensure a smooth and convenient transfer of waste. We can provide recycling bins at your premises or we can arrange for a regular collection of bales.

There has been a swell of interest in plastic recycling in St Helens as the impact of possibly toxic plastic waste is released into the environment. The population is becoming aware of the fact that discarded plastic waste can last a lifetime without decomposing. Contact Elsa Recycling today to have us collect all your plastic waste and recycle it into something that can be used again. All plastic can be recycled but it has been difficult due to the wide variety of different types of plastic. There are around 50 different classes of plastic making sorting and processing for recycling a complex task. Ensure you do your bit for the environment and make use of a plastic recycling service.