Material Handling in Bury

Material Handling in BuryWe are one of the leading experts in creating solutions for material handling in Bury. There are a number of machines that have been designed for handling various recycling material. Our 35 cubic yard roll on-off container will hold upwards of 10 tonnes and provides an excellent solution for companies with large amounts of loose paper. Bailing machines are very popular with companies that produce large amounts of paper or card based waste. The machine efficiently binds the waste making it easier to move. Our machines can be bought outright or leases for 3 or 5 years. All the machines come with a full service package. We have a 1000 litre wheeled container which can be situated anywhere on your property.

Companies are trying to minimise their carbon footprints and utilise their waste products. In Bury, material handling machines can make this easy. We supply a compactor for companies with large quantities of cardboard waste. These machines sit on your site and will link into our recovered paper containers which effectively double their capacity. Our 600 litre containers are used extensively by printers for loose waste paper as the dimensions are ideal for use with finishing machines. The crates are strong and durable and offer an easy way to collect and store paper for recycling collection.  We have a larger version of 1400 litres which is in between the 600 litre and the container. This unit also cuts out extra handling of the waste.

We are experts in material handling in Bury. Contact Elsa Recycling today and find out the many ways we can save you money. We are a family run business that has been in operation for over 54 years with three generations recycling various products.  We currently recycle over 700 tonnes of paper per week and supply mills in the UK as well as Europe and the Far East. With strong environmental ethics we are committed to providing a service which allows our customers to minimise their impact on the environment in the most cost effective way.