Cardboard Waste Collection in St Helens

Cardboard Waste Collection in St HelensCardboard waste collection in St Helens by Elsa Recycling is so important to our environment. The recycling of all paper products is critical because it saves our natural resources. New cardboard products made from recycled materials costs 25% less than manufacturing them from scratch. Using cardboard to move products around the world is monumental. Manufacturing parts arrive in cardboard boxes and the finished product ships out in cardboard boxes from the manufacturer to retailers’ distribution centres. The product arrives on the consumers’ doorstep in a cardboard box. At each of those locations cardboard waste is left behind. Wherever you are in that chain, Elsa Recycling would like to drop a skip designated only for cardboard and make scheduled pickups at your location.

We encourage private individuals who receive more products delivered to their door than ever before to be a part of the recycling solution. In St Helens, cardboard waste collection from homes is done along with your other recyclables. For manufacturers and distributors, the cardboard waste accumulates fast. Placing our receptacles for scheduled pick up helps clear debris from work spaces and keeps the cardboard in good recyclable condition. Cardboard takes up a lot of room, so no matter what level of recycling you take part in, your waste cardboard will ideally be kept clean and dry. At Elsa Recycling, we have been recycling for over fifty years and we have the solutions to make the process hassle free and customised to your specifications.

Elsa Recycling works with you to make cardboard waste collection in St Helens easy for you. We’ll come to your site and find the best number and location of receptacles and help you decide the best collection schedule. There is no sorting of cardboard products needed; we ask only that it be clean and broken down. Contact Elsa Recycling and let’s talk about the best way to proceed with recycling your cardboard. Small concerns are as important to us as large. The operation of our recycling centre and our large fleet of vehicles suited to any sized job gives us flexibility to adapt our collection programme to suit your organisation.