Cardboard Waste Collection in Trafford

Cardboard Waste Collection in TraffordYou might need a cardboard waste collection in Trafford if your business has recently moved to  new premises. Not to worry, Elsa Recycling has the necessary equipment to ensure your collection of cardboard waste is conveniently and effectively done. What would take your employees days to complete, they will sort out in no time at all. When recycled, cardboard waste can be made into a variety of paper products.

In Trafford, cardboard waste collection is professionally done by Elsa Recycling. They will provide a no-obligation site visit and will determine the best solution to remove your unwanted cardboard items. From the collection, sorting, and destruction or recycling, Elsa Recycling will provide the best service for your needs. Perhaps you need to re-think your archive system which you have been using for the past 5 years, confident that you would need it again, but you are concerned about jeopardizing your clients’ confidential information. This, too, can be catered for by Elsa Recycling’s Data Destruction services. They work in conjunction with the RHA (Road haulage Association), BSIA (the British Security Industry Association) and IWPPA (Independent Waste Paper Processors Association) and use their strict laws to destroy private documents and will give you the peace of mind that your client information will be safe throughout the whole process. If you so wish, arrangements can be made for you to watch your documents being destroyed. You will be issued a destruction certificate once it is done.

Should you have large quantities for a cardboard waste collection in Trafford, Elsa Recycling can provide you with a compactor and bailing machine to use on your premises to make your waste removal cost-effective. Elsa Recycling saves you money by having the right equipment, they use the correct methods and monitor their vehicle fleet using the latest technology. For more information about cardboard waste collection, contact Elsa Recycling.